Draught Beer


Pint Pitcher

Blue Moon $4 $18

Bud Light $3 $17

Monday Night Brewing $6 $20

Dry County IPA $7 $26

Sweetwater 420 $5 $18

Seasonal Rotating   

Bottled Beer Selection
Yuengling, Miller Lite, Michelob Ultra, Labatt's Blue, Guinness, Sweetwater IPA, Terrapin Hopsecutioner, Stella, Monday Night Brewing (Blind Pirate, Drafty Kilt, Han Brolo)

Wine Selection
By The Glass
Gallo Family Chardonnay
Gallo Family Pinot Grigio
Gallo Family Cabernet
Gallo Family Merlot
Gallo Family Pinot Noir

Frontera Chardonnay
Fronterra Cabernet Merlot Blend

Val Vino Chardonnay
Val Vino Pinot Grigio
Val Vino Cabernet
Val Vino Pinot Noir 

By The Bottle
Canyon Road Chardonnay
Canyon Road Cabernet

Frontera Chardonnay
Frontera Pinot Grigio
Frontera Sauvignon Blanc
Frontera Cabernet
Frontera Pinot Noir
Frontera Malbec

Proverb Chardonnay
Proverb Pinot Grigio
Proverb Sauvignon Blanc
Proverb Cabernet
Proverb Pinot Noir

(Corkage Fee $16)